Life Flow

When writing I try and spend a lot of time trying to get into the creative flow, where the ideas seem to slip off the end of my pen. It feels magical when I create like this. There are so many possibilities. I’m relaxed, happy, and feeling capable of anything. On a side note, it doesn’t mean what I write is perfect and won’t need editing, that will need to be done later, first the words need to be written, and when in a creative flow this happens more easily.

Writing in the flow is also when I’m not pushing through a block, or dealing with doubt, or obsessing whether or not the story is any good. When in the flow I’m at peace with myself, and my surroundings, and what I am creating. This extends into life, not just when I’m writing.

The other day, I had an entire day of being in the flow. I was relaxed, and I moved gracefully from one job to the next. I felt at peace, even when things went wrong. I kept a level-head and problem solved then moved on. Reflecting on the day, I couldn’t help see how being in what I term my flow that this is how life is meant to be lived. I was fulfilled, and satisfied. And I did it without trying or setting my intention to be in the flow, or to get certain jobs done that day.

By doing so, I felt and experienced what a day of being in the flow is like. The way it felt will be my compass to find this flow again, something I can tap into when preparing for a day or when turning a negative day around.

Something else I got out of the day was how this flow is similar but also different to the type of flow I experience when writing. This flow wasn’t a creative flow. I didn’t write that day. It was more like a graceful dance throughout the day moving both the good, the bad and the ugly through me. I experienced the emotions, and feelings, and then let go as the dance continued leaving space for new sensations to be felt.

Being in this life flow isn’t only good for well-being but also for generating creative solutions, innovative ideas, intuitive insights both personally and socially. It’s when you are in this frame of mind when solutions surface, even simple things like a particular way home which ends up saving time. Overall, it’s a more peaceful and harmonious way to untangle thoughts and focus is balanced with you and your environment, which is better than forcing an outcome, which is often driven by modern life and work goals, and the pursuit of success.

Now I’ve done it and managed to capture the experience and compare it to the creative flow I’m very familiar with, it will be easier for me to slip into this flow of life in the future – starting with tomorrow.

Stitch in Time

In the winter months I relax by watching TV by either knitting or crocheting. Doing something with my hands helps me to settle. Once I’ve eased into a rhythm, the counting of stitches moves from having to be thought about to a feeling, which happens naturally, and I slip into a meditative state. While my hands are knotting yarn into a scarf or beanie or cowl, the opposite is occurring in my mind – the thoughts are being untangled, events of the day are being unknotted and decisions processed with potential options considered and perhaps a resolution reached.

If I knit long enough my thoughts quieten, and the meditation deepens which is nurturing for my soul even if it only happens for a moment. My inner rhythm comes out in the pace I stich, making a physical connection to myself and how I feel. I can see if I’m stressed, the stiches are formed tightly. And so I can adjust, watching the stitches loosen as I knit. If they don’t loosen, then I know I still need to relax. So I take a few deep breaths, and try to release the thoughts or feelings that might be troubling me. This isn’t always easy, but as the stiches form, I have a visual of how I’m feeling, which becomes the focus towards relaxation, instead of the thoughts or feelings.

It’s also always rewarding to create. It’s a big part of my life, not just with my writing but also my craft. I feel it’s a different sort of creativity to when I’m writing, while I’m making something practical like a scarf (I keep it simple!) I’m seeing my progress and when I finish I can feel I have achieved a project, which is rewarding in itself. But its also a journey, not just physically making something but also an inner journey one that’s unfolding in secret as the length of the scarf increases. The scarf almost becomes a sign of how much I’ve meditated, my thoughts hidden in the stitches, captured in time and held outside of me where they can no longer trouble me.

While on the exterior, maybe it looks like I might be avoiding certain jobs, or putting off problem solving or planning, while I take time out to knit and crochet. The reverse is actually occurring. I’m allowing myself time to meditate. I’m mentally dealing with the problems, events, or planning at my own pace. What might look like procrastination, I’m really doing as the old saying goes “A stich in time saves nine.”