Ruminating Time

Well it’s been a decade or so since I’ve had to use a laundrette (not counting when travelling!). I’ve been collecting coins, brought along my computer and using the short 25 minuets to be on social media.

A good time to ruminate? I’m not sure it’s long enough! All I remember from the past is spending at least an hour waiting for the wash cycle to complete. And reading lots.

Plus today is going to be a scorcher (way too hot) and it’s already a bit unpleasant in here. At least puppies blankets will be cleaned and ready for use once more. The cycle continues! Pun intended!

I just saw the sign saying don’t add detergent as it’s included in the wash…😬 I can ruminate now how signs are often ignored! 😉 and that I need to slow done and read them instead of guessing what to do! Is an unexpected sign 😉

So in a short 25 minutes I can ponder about signs, and cycles. And then be satisfied the puppies blankets are clean. Not bad for 25 minutes 😉 and all done in a laundrette not a cafe! A little unexpected, but I’ll go with it. And now my wash cycle is finished and it’s time I find a cafe.

Lilliana Rose 🌹