Which Pen?

What pen do you like to write with? And what does it say about your creative expression when you're writing. Get an insight to how the choice in pen impacts on creative expression.


Doing it free style and finally making progress!

Frog It!

I’m learning the lingo associated with crocheting. And to frog it!

Too Eager

While the yarn called me and I jumped into starting a new project yesterday, today I realised that I needed to have split the unspun wool. So I undid what I'd eagerly had crocheted, and then split the yarn. At least I hadn't gotten too far into the new project! Sometimes I can be too … Continue reading Too Eager

The Yarn Called Me

Sometimes it’s the yarn that tells me what to make. So I start another project.

Picture says…

There is a thousand words in this image...

Too Early!

By not intending to write I’ve now got time, but no ideas. How can I ease the itch to write?

Replenishing my Stock

When going to get a new notebook the other day I discovered that I didn’t have many left. Well, actually I only had one. This is so not like me. Usually I have too many, to the point I begin to wonder if I will get around to using them in this lifetime and I … Continue reading Replenishing my Stock

Unexpected Progress

Sometimes by not being goal drive progress is made.

Forward Intuition

Instead of forward thinking I’ve discovered forward intuition, and the result was just what I needed.

The Walk

The same path, but this time it's different.