Which Pen?

What pen do you like to write with? And what does it say about your creative expression when you're writing. Get an insight to how the choice in pen impacts on creative expression.


It’s more than just a trip to a cafe.

It’s been 9 months..

Oh how I’ve missed my mugs of coffee!

Big changes

Life has been busy!

I couldn’t resist!

Like I need a new project...addiction!!!!

Culling 1.5k words

This is a hectic time for me but editing in the sunshine can help.

Change is in the Air

Next trip to the markets could well involve a pram and baby and not much writing!

Doing it Differently

A new journal calls for a slightly different approach.

New Journal

Let the inspiration flow in this new journal!

No Lights!

A power outage pulls me out of my flow, the unexpected disruptions when writing!

One Blanket Finished

The joy of finishing a project helps to inspire and provide a feeling of satisfaction. But what problems have to be over come to get to the finish line?