Travel and Creativity

It’s been a while since I’ve travelled. Now, it’s different because I have bubs with me. Recently, with a book signing and an academic conference, I had 5 flights in 8 days, with bubs. It was fantastic (and hard work!). I was reminded how beneficial travel is for me. It helps me to connect with who I really am. I’m on an adventure, and off exploring new areas. I’m learning. Growing. Problem solving. Having fun. Meeting new people. During this time, I really get a new perspective on my life, and the areas which matter most. And so much more. It was also a relief to find out that bubs was a good traveller himself.

During this recent travel, I realised there was an unexpected influence on my creativity. While I wasn’t directly being creative when traveling, I ended up coming back tired, but with huge levels of inspiration and ready to get into my writing. I had a whole new level of creative flow. An added benefit to this crazy stint of travel I’d recently done. And it hasn’t just lasted for a few days, this new inspiration is still going, after two weeks and hasn’t faded.

It took 5 flights in 8 days for me to find this new level of inspiration which has spilled out in to my creative projects from painting, to crocheting to writing. For me, travel feeds my soul, and now I know it also helps to call in creativity which can last for weeks.

So, where will I go on my next trip…?


4 thoughts on “Travel and Creativity

  1. thanks Lilliana for liking that post. After being up for five days or so I made one final adjustment. You are the first person to see it.

    It’s funny about travel. I spent ten days in Austria visiting my son ten years ago. It was great for connection. Didn’t get much poetry out of it though. I began writing once I settled back into my familiar setting

    1. Glad I was the first to see it! I’m sure many more people will too now.

      Isn’t it interesting how the writing comes later! I guess as long as the writing happens at some point. I just found it interesting that I didn’t write, but I was so inspired when getting home. Almost seems back to front!

    1. Thank you 😊 and yes it’s not necessarily the distance travelled but more the fresh environment that leads to inspiration. I need to remember this so I keep going to new places locally!
      Enjoy your weekend too 😀

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