Sheep Mobile Finished

Finally, I have finished the sheep mobile for bubs. After having to pause a number of times because I ran out of filling for the sheep and clouds, having to look after bubs, and then running out of white fluffy wool. It’s been a long process to get these cuties finished! And bubs is rather captivated by the sheep hanging in his room. A lovely addition, and rather symoblic considering my heritage growing up on a farm with sheep. The tradition lives on, just in a new form.


The sheep and clouds are a little wonky, but I’m very pleased as this is the first project completed following the crochet written pattern – which is like learning another language. It’s too easy to have lots of unfinished craft projects on the go, so I’m glad that this one has been finished, and now hanging in the baby’s room to be enjoyed by him – and me.

Now, a break, and then to think of the next fun crocheting project to start. Because that’s all part of the joy and journey of creating. There’s always another project to discover.



6 thoughts on “Sheep Mobile Finished

    1. Thank you! It’s hard as the creator sometimes as I just see the imperfections – which of course don’t matter, or are minor.

  1. If you and Bubs both like it, it’s doing its job. Crochet is a fine way to keep the hands and the mind both working. I have thought many worthy thoughts while working on a crafty bit of crochet …

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