I’ve been stuck on these two rows for about a week! I found a mistake, so frogged it, re-did the rows, made another mistake, frogged it again. Caught up. Another mistake! Frogged it.

Now I’m taking a break.

It’s a basic stitch, so something else must be going on here. I’m rather busy right now, so tired when I sit to crochet. While I want to crochet I don’t have the headspace for it. Frustrating on one hand, but so is re-doing the same two rows.

Sometimes you just got to step away from the creative project, breathe, have a break, then get back into it.

I look forward to getting back to crocheting this blanket…next week sometime.

2 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. wise words; applies to writing too; sometimes I’ve rushed stuff in order to post something on my blog — it has usually been a disaster but thankfully one can take it down before too many see it 🙂

    1. Very true! The pitfalls of being too keen with your creativity! I can relate to that rush of getting up a post, the the dread of finding mistakes. Thank goodness it can be changed!

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