Importance of Tools

Often, I approach my creative projects with too much excitement and enthusiasm and simply jump in because I can’t wait to get started. Recently, while at the yarn shop I fell in love with some yellow yarn. I bought it home with a project in mind.

I didn’t get far into the project before I realised the yarn wasn’t right for the stitching I wanted to do. I’d not thought about that. I just figured all yarn would go with any type of stitch.

With enough projects on the go I returned the yarn, and bought some that would be better suited. I could’ve kept the yellow yarn, but really I have enough yarn in my house!

A small incident, but it reminded me of the importance of having the right tools for the project at hand. Sure I had yarn, the right sized hook, but not the right yarn for the stitch I wanted to learn. Not dissimilar to when I’m writing. I’m very particular about the pen I use, the notebook I have and where I sit and write. The tools used are important and while I know this, I hadn’t translated this across to my crocheting projects. I even know this when drawing and painting. I thought it would be simple.

Yarn + hook + stitch = pretty blanket.

But there was more to consider.

So now this is something I will think about when starting a new project. It was a good little lesson to learn or perhaps a good reminder to think of the importance of tools, and how they work together to produce a finished project.

Have you had a similar experience? Please share below in the comments below.

yellow yarn as a background

2 thoughts on “Importance of Tools

  1. the parable of the yarn; a good way to get into writing; one tool I use and this may be a bit ‘naughty’ is when I post a poem and it is getting little traffic I try to look at it objectively as if someone else had written it and see how it could be improved. I did this with my current post which I’ve just edited again and am happier with it. This has the obvious drawback as many people had already seen the ‘inferior’ post.

    1. Argh the old weighing up the pros and cons of change! Words aren’t set in stone in the internet which is an up side I think! Glad you’re happier with the updated version 😀

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