Art Classes with Bubs

As a new mum, there’s a lot to juggled. Maybe I don’t need to be going along to art class, I’m not sure I’ve got the time or if I can really afford it. But then my soul needs nourishment, and for me it’s natural to go along to art class with bubs. Can’t start them too young! So far bubs has been exposed to university, art classes, Pilates, and a creativity writing workshop I presented. His education is about to continue with an upcoming conference I’m presenting at. There’s lots of variety for him to experience, even now, just by me simply living my life.

During art class, Bub is in the sling, resting on my chest as I paint. He’s content. The other ladies in the class are amused, nothing like a little baby energy in the room to help with the creativity! Instead of a tea break half-way through the class, for me there’s a bottle break. I can use the time to chill, and also reflect what direction I want to take my painting (which I’m having to go to plan B because I’ve stuffed up! And Bubs has been such an angel I can’t even blame him. Completely my lesson to learn here!). I’m very grateful for Splashout to help accommodate by letting me come along with bubs.

my art in need of fixing

By going along to art class, I’m reminded that my mum did something similar. She had her baby daughters in the wicker bassinets, under the table, while she did her china painting. It’s what the women in our family do. It’s a tradition. And I’m glad to be continuing it. The quiet things you’ve learnt from mum, which you then pass down to your child; an unexpected bonus, which also helps keep my memory of mum alive.


8 thoughts on “Art Classes with Bubs

    1. Thank you! It’s fun (bit of planning and hard work) taking bubs with me. It’s worth it, I think when they go around with you they learn more about life. It’s good to hear you took your kids everywhere with you. I’m going to have to get creative when bubs starts walking!

      1. Don’t get the wrist thing that you put on child’s wrist. My daughter got out of that in 2 seconds. There is a halter like back pack with a lead that works so much better. My grandson goes all kinds of places with me or my daughter and he can entertain himself with nothing. He’s been to a lot of doctor appointments and has even stayed in the hospital with me once and people can’t believe how well behaved he is. He even went with my daughter to school. She’s a cosmologists he was the only child they would allow to be there like that.

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