Last Page

There’s only a few pages left in my beautiful journal, and I know that it is time for its use to come to an end.

This writing session will be the last time I write in this journal. This is the book I use to do my personal journaling in over the last few years, and it holds a lot of thoughts, emotions, and memories of times which have been happy, fun, and also difficult. The pages have been a good friend, a comfort, and a mirror.

It’s finally come time, after starting this notebook late November 2016 for it to be filled with my thoughts and words, to let them go, close the door on the past, and get ready for fresh pages to fill with my words.

While writing in this journal has been a joy with it’s thicker paper that soaks up the ink from my fountain pen, and an inspiration with its stunning cover, it’s time to move on. It is time to find another notebook to use as a comfort, mirror and friend for the months ahead.


2 thoughts on “Last Page

  1. Nice words, Lilliana….
    My problem with journal writing is that I start off writing neat and uniform, and ten pages in the handwriting deteriorates to such a state that I simply can’t look at it. The journal is so ugly it distracts from my purpose and I have to bin it. Your beautiful journal is just too gorgeous to use.

    1. I know that feeling of messy writing! Last year I decided to make an effort to write neatly, it actually helps me to keep a relaxed pace. Though my writing can get messy, I’ve decided it is just part of the process, including using a beautiful journal (it’s been made to be filled with words after all 😉) 💕

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