Plan B…

Today I sat down to finally edit a paper I’m writing for my studies at university. I had the printed file of the mark ups, my computer, my coffee, and I was ready. But, I had forgotten the notebook I’d written additional notes in, and after about a minute into this editing project I realised it was a bust. I was frustrated and annoyed at myself, as I was wanting to make progres with this paper. This was the one job I really wanted to not just do today, but right now while I was in a cafe.

However, not all was lost.

I did have a new notebook with me, and as well as other pressing writing projects that needed attention. I sat and wrote by hand. Not what I had planned, but I did make progress, and I enjoyed writing. new notebook

While this wasn’t the project I wanted to work on while in a cafe, by going to plan B, I could salvage the day, and get on with creating. Being adaptive to the situation pays off.

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4 thoughts on “Plan B…

  1. My life is a series of Plans B! It’s true that finding something else to do and letting go of the old plan can work in your favour. It’s when I hang onto the frustration of not being able to get on with Plan A, that I achieve nothing.

    1. And it’s so easy to hold on to that frustration! I nearly did. But glad I could let it go and get on with another writing project. I think I could let it go because I had another pressing project to focus on!
      I think my life is a series of Plan Bs…though it might be more like Plan D or E or G 😉

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