Lost and Found

I just had a minor panic as I couldn’t find my two favourite pens! And I’d just sat down to write at a cafe!

Don’t Panic!

After a few deep breaths, and taking out my trusty cheap BIC pen I decided to look in a different section of my bag. There they were!


Lucky! One of these pens were a gift, and another a special treat to myself, so I was annoyed they were lost. While I can write with any pen, there’s more meaning when I write with these because of the story behind getting them. And this can help with the creative flow. Or at least with my frame of mind when I sit to write, which in turns influence the creative flow.

And the flow was good this morning! In which I’m grateful for 💖

Lilliana Rose


2 thoughts on “Lost and Found

    1. That is a very good point! The type of pen used would certainly add sincerity for the Christmas letters. What a fabulous point, I’d not thought of it from that perspective. (I don’t write so many letters these day, but I must admit now that I think about it, I do take time selecting the pen used. It might feel random at the time, but really it’s not). Thanks for that insight. 🙂

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